Terror Isle Escape Rooms in Texas City, TX

Dungeon of the Drowned

“Thieves! Miscreants! Pirate scum!
You should be ashamed of yourself, stealing from an honest businessman such as I.
What have I done to deserve such treachery? Such disrespect?
I board these ships by order of the King!
These goods are sold to raise money for the advancement of the King!
You shall be sent to the dungeon where you shall pray for mercy from the King.
Take them away!”                                                                     

What now?

You have been captured by the notoriously cruel Pirate King.

He laughs as you are dragged to the dungeon.

But this is no ordinary dungeon!

You are horrified to discover that as the tide comes in, this prison will flood and you will become one of the drowned spirits that haunt the island.

But the King is not completely without mercy. He’s given you a sporting chance!

You must complete the puzzles and solve the riddles to close the water gates before the ghosts of the drowned come to welcome you home.

But what then?

You cannot return to the Ravager empty-handed!

You sea-dogs must continue your heist!

Steal the King’s treasure from his own mansion and then make your escape!

But be warned: If you get caught, there are no second chances.

Forever your soul shall haunt the island as one of the Drowned.

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