Terror Isle Escape Rooms in Texas City, TX

Mystic Voyage

You sit in the crow’s nest of the whaleship Hansel and dream of home. You thought it grand adventure to sign on to this whaling ship- salt and waves and giant beasts to slay- but were you ever wrong. Mostly, there’s nothing but cleaning. Cleaning and scraping and cleaning some more. Scraping rust from harpoon points. Scraping barnacles from the bow. Scraping scales from fish. You swear you hear scraping even now, way up here in the lookout. But no, it is merely the wind-whipped flags and the creaking of the ropes.

The captain says it will be three more months before you sail home. Three more months of endless, mindless routine, scraping, swabbing, daydreaming, and regret. Perhaps you shall become a baker when this voyage is through. Or a carpenter. Something that doesn’t constantly reek of whale oil and dead fish.
You dream of standing firmly on the ground, far from any ship or sail. Then something in the distance catches your eye.

“Ahoy,” you call, “Ship to starboard!”

You stare through your spyglass. The ship is not moving—it just sits on the waves. The moonlight gleams on its sails. It flies no flag and from here the rigging seems off. Something is wrong. You call down to the crew and the captain orders an investigation of the derelict. Coming down from the nest you immediately volunteer to board the ghost ship. As much as you long for terra firma, your sense of adventure is still as strong as it’s ever been. You and seven of your fellows board one of the whaling boats and push off toward the brig.

You climb aboard with your lanterns although the deck of the ship is well-lit by the moon. Ropes and bits of torn and sodden sail litter the deck. Tools and bits of timber lay unsecured and roll about as the craft rises and falls on the waves. The ship appears to be deserted, something that becomes more apparent the more you explore. Lighting the lanterns, you decide to go belowdecks to continue your search. It is very dark down here and very little is revealed in the yellow lamplight.

Still, the ship beckons and you can’t help but move deeper and deeper inside. Despite its present state, she really is beautiful. Here is the doorway to the cargo hold. Maybe just a little peek inside? Why not? As you peer into the deepening darkness, something catches your eye. Is that a jewel of some sort? Maybe a bit of treasure? Had this been a pirate vessel? Your curiosity gets the better of you and you take a cautious step inside.

As you reach for the bauble, you hear scraping-- something that sounds like a rusty sword being pulled from a scabbard. Old bones creak and rattle as Captain ‘Ripper’ Randall and his companion Ulrick “No Fingers” Earle begin to laugh at you, their newest hostages.

“Tonight,” the Captain cackles, “We attack the Pirate King of Terror Isle!”

Back aboard the Hansel, the captain and crew watch in horror as the great brigantine with eight of their own sailors aboard it simply vanishes, leaving only an unmanned whaling boat bobbing on the sea.

In Mystic Voyage, you shall relive Captain Randall’s ill-fated attack on the Pirate King’s settlement. Make ready the pirate ship Ravager, navigate the high seas, evoke the Loa and harness the power of Voodoo, steal the treasure, fire the cannons, and make your escape! Do all of this before Big Blue, the giant shark, destroys your ship and eats you for dinner!

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